Changing Roles of Men’s Wrist Watches

Do you remember when you got your first watch? The first watch I remember owning wasn’t much. It wasn’t really even a wrist watch since it clipped to my belt loop. That first watch only featured a minute hand, a second hand, and a date window but it was a starting point.

Changing Roles of Wrist Watches

These days, few of us absolutely need a wrist watch in order to be able to keep up with time. Electronic devices with clocks and timers are all around us, and cell phones in particular have changed the way we think about men’s wrist watches. Since carrying a watch is no longer a necessity, that frees men to consider other factors when choosing a watch, and not just fashion.

Not that wrist watches don’t have their functional niches – for example, if you work or live in a rural area with poor phone reception, enjoy hiking or other outdoor sports, and particularly if you engage in scuba diving or water sports. In those situations, you may find that the same men’s wrist watch you wear on other occasions will do the trick, or depending on your needs, you might find a special watch (scuba dive watches,  chronograph watches…) just for those activities with unusual requirements.

Shopping for Men’s Watches Has Changed

A few years ago, my idea of a good men’s watch was pretty straightforward: I shopped for a watch based only on the name and a need to have a watch that I could be proud to wear. As time progressed and I was earning a little bit more, I started thinking about buying a second watch and I found that internet watch sales have changed everything.

It’s more than just the discounted prices you can find online. You can learn an incredible amount about a watch before you buy, and acquaint yourself with the design and operation of watches online in a way that is just not practical in a store unless you happen to be in the business or a men’s watch collector yourself.

Watch straps or bands are often offered in metal, ceramic, or leather. Look at the quality of the clasp mechanism. Does it look sturdy, like it will stay fastened? Will it fit with room to accommodate your changing wrist size through the years or are replacement bands available?

Movement is the term used to describe the inner workings, whether mechanical or electronic, of a watch. Mechanical movements may be manual, where you wind the watch on a certain interval, or automatic, as with many newer men’ watches, where the normal motions of your wrist wind the watch throughout the day while you wear it. When you are not wearing it, a watch winder will keep the watch running, this video will show you exactly how a watch winder works!

Calendars and timers (or chronometers) are two of the most common features that can be found on the face of a men’s watch. More elaborate watches may also include tachometers, cycles of the moon or other less common functions.

Finding a Watch

The web makes this a great time to find men’s watches online. Without the rushing through the experience in a store where the staff may not even be familiar with every watch, you have the chance to pick a quality watch and take advantage of the lower prices that are offered online.

Good-looking Short Hair-Styles For Men

When men discuss abоut design they usually only gеt into thе factors of footwear аnd outfits. They usuаllу do not tаke іntо concern that thеre are alѕo differеnt locks that аre for them аѕ well as females.

Men are nоt conscious that with a easy modify іn thеіr locks cut cаn create the community оf modify. Many individuals gеt а increase in thеіr ego and sеlf respect when theу have a new locks. You will see а modify in оneѕ mind-set whеn they havе a new look.

men's hair style

These days men go wіth mаny diffеrеnt lооks which range from brief elegant looks tо lengthy neck duration comfortable looks. You сan gо innovative or health care no cost thе option іt уоurs and wіth a bit оf design gel уоu can еven gо for аn dynamic design that iѕ bоth youthful аnd hip.

For the guy whо prefers tо have method duration locks then you may wаnt tо go wіth the newest trend of hаvіng unpleasant locks. This look іs vеrу easy tо accomplish and gіveѕ yоu that attractive look аs if уоu juѕt a lady run her hands through your hair.

The best way to get thiѕ lооk іt tо not run a hair comb оr sweep through yоur locks when you get оut of the bathtub, basically juѕt put ѕomе gel in and run уоur hands through it.

men's hair style

men's hair style

men's hair style 4

men's hair style

Choosing the Best Sunscreen Protection


Selecting the best sunscreen is the most important product you can use to protect and maintain healthy, beautiful skin. Many women pay so much money for expensive skin creams to combat wrinkles and sunspots. Most of these products make such awesome promises, but how many times do they actually work? Almost never. The truth is, preventing sun damage in the first place will take you a long way.

When it comes to sunblock, you would think that buying one with a high SPF rating would coincide with the level of protection you are getting. Unfortunately, that is not enough. First off, SPF only addresses the level of UVB rays that is being blocked, not UVA rays. UVB rays are the leading source of sunburns. UVA rays, on the other hand, penetrate deeper into the skin, and cause wrinkles, age spots, or even skin cancer. Fear not. There are products on the market now that do a good job of protecting you from both UVB and UVA rays.You just have to know what to look for.

Best Sunscreens

There are two types of sunscreen: physical, and chemical. A physical sunblock contains micro particles that deflect harmful rays from your skin. Chemical sunblock absorb UV rays before they can damage your skin.

A physical sunblock will have the active ingredient titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Brands: Blue Lizard and Ocean Potion

A chemical sunblock has avobenzone or mexoryl.

Brands: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, Coppertone Ultra Sheer Faces, L’oreal La Roche Posay

Applying a moisturizer with an SPF 15 is suitable for everyday minimal sun exposure. I use Oil of Olay Complete All Day Moisture underneath my makeup. The active ingredients show that it screens both UVA and UVB rays. I get the one for sensitive skin.

I do not use the same sunscreen for my face as I do with for my body. The one designed for the body tends to be thicker, causing breakouts if used on the face.

If you are planning to be more active, choose a sunblock with an SPF 30. It is better to apply this often, rather than a much higher SPF lotion applied just once. Buying sunblock way above SPF 30 is not necessary, and more expensive.

Apply the best sunscreen to all areas that are exposed to the sun. People commonly miss the ears and neck. If you have a bald head, apply there, too.

If you’re adventurous and want to try a simple yet fun experiment, check out this UV protection experiment to find out just how well a range of SPF ratings protect your skin!

Additional Ways to Protect Your Skin

Even if you use the best sunscreen available, it is best to limit your exposure to direct sunlight between 11am to 3pm. That is when the sun is strongest. Make it a habit to wear a baseball cap, or a large straw hat when it is sunny. If you are going to swim, or engage in rigorous physical activity, apply sunscreen regularly because it tends to wash away and become less effective in protecting your skin. Even if you have naturally dark skin, you still need to protect yourself from the sun. It is a myth that dark skin will fully protect you from sun damage.

**As important it is to protect yourself from the sun, you still need some amount of it every day to remain healthy. The sun helps your body produce vitamin D, which helps your bones absorb calcium. Sunblock will filter the rays you need, so before applying it, you can step outside for 5-10 minutes if you have lighter skin tones. For darker skin, you may need a few more minutes. Then get out of the sun and apply the sunscreen.


How To Wear A Scarf

Winter is just around the corner, here are some great scarf wearing patterns with  really simple and easy to follow steps for you to learn how to wear a scarf during winter. Some suggestion on clothes, shirts pattern matching too.

1. Single Layer Cross Tie


2. Number 8 Knock


3. Scarf for Cape


4.Double round with Back Neck Tie


5. Double Round Side Tie


6.Sailor Knock


How To Start A Career In The Field Of Fashion Magazines


Do you have a hidden talent in assessing the characteristics of an object of fashion? This capability will be very supportive if you want to have a career in the field of fashion magazines.

This magazine type has existed since decades ago. All women always make this thing as a benchmark to see the fashion trends. All objects associated with fashion will be discussed in an issue of the magazine either monthly or weekly. With the magazine then all the ladies who love the design could see the design development globally.

Magazine that focuses on the world of design is not only used by women as a lover of fashion, but also read by the designer. World -class magazines like Allure or Elle has always been a way for fashion designers to see the development of the design. It also avoids the creation of a common theme in the design of the design.

Convinced By A Career In Fashion Journalism

You confidence to have a career in the field of fashion magazines should be kept sharpened. Initial step to close to a career in the magazine can be started with an internship job. Internships have always been a surefire strategy to demonstrate capability directly. The following are some of the best ways to get internship opportunities.

1/Find reliable source through the magazine itself. In every magazine editor is usually no address to contact about various things. From this search can be done by sending a letter, email or make an appointment with the personnel.

2/Do a search by utilizing the internet. Several large magazines about fashion consist of a large master with several different names. The Parent magazine usually has a website address which may give way in the process of filing an internship.

3/Running a blog design to be ogled by workers in the field of design magazines. Run it like a professional blog with words and pictures are genuine. Through the blog comments or responses from a variety of sources who read the blog can provide an assessment. Of course this is a good opportunity.

Starting a Career of Fashion Schools

The fashion industry has always been considered as a promising major industry. This usually takes the fashion world like Hollywood or Paris. Two of this place has always been a priority to see a development of the design. Having a career in fashion magazines can be started from taking education-related.

School fashion is into the most appropriate answer key. Students in this fashion will not only be directed to designers, but they also will learn about writing fashion. Science they can always be applied in a practice or theory. A design can be expressed in detail through a piece of writing and distributed to all people.

The world famous designers always appreciate all types of media such as television or magazines. Through these two tools work they could spread throughout the world and all it requires basic writing in-depth fashion.

The Retro Style Of 1960s Fashion

The 1960s fashion is unique and interesting to know. The vintage style came from this era seems good so that some people loves the style. The early era can be conservative, restrained and more classic because it continued the 50s fashion.

This era can be regarded as the time of fashion tradition broken. Mini skirt and false eyelashes were the must have fashion items. The highlight color and mismatched patterns were trends and in the late of era, the hippie movement influenced the women’s style of clothing such as tie-dye and paisley prints not to mention the bell-bottom jeans. The styles of hair then became more various than 50s hairstyles.

In the development, between the early and late era of 60s were quite drastic in differences. After being conservative and restrained as the impact of the previous era, the late of 60s fashion were more colorful and brighter.

The Early 1960s Fashion

The early 1960s fashion is the popularity of bouffant hairdo as the ‘must’ hairstyle when women left home. The simply cut dress which is very expensive in price are popularly wore by women.

The dress was sleeveless and slim to show the simplicity. Since this era is where the three big cities, London, Paris and New York became center of fashion, so that the fashion designers created the look as they want and as predicted many people then followed the creation.

In this era, fashion accessory is quite important such as hats and shoes. Besides that, the miniskirts gained its popularity until the end of the era.

In 60s, some public figures also inspired many women to follow their hairstyle such as Jacky Kennedy, Princess Margaret and Brigette Bardot with their beehive coiffures hairstyles that in positive reason, the demands of hairdressers were drastically high.

The Late 1960s Fashion

The late 1960s fashion in about 1969, the fashion changed to be softer. Something long and lean is more chosen. The designers then provided the maxi-lengths in their mostly designs although some miniskirts are still made for gaining sales.

Fringe also a fashion accent that was important. The dress with more fringes will be better. This era is also when the ‘unisex’ term is popular in fashion to refer the clothing that can be worn by both men and women. The patterns with Persian and Navajo motifs were favorite like paisley and patchwork.

The fashion trends in this era then continued to the early 70s fashion and it stood for some period before finally the new trends of 70s came.

The World Of Fashion Design Cannot Be Separated From The Women

Starting a business or activity in the field of fashion design is not an easy job. Although this can be done by a professional look without the same educational background but on average they have had a long experience.

Various measures such as consumer research and emerging trends, sales history that happened on a brand design, determining the theme or extensive promotional efforts conducted prior to making a great design theme. This work will involve a variety of people with educational backgrounds and different business capabilities.

In general, any person or employee will have the skills that are tested. Although the trend is also sometimes make a new one is needed that will provide its own color in a label.

Steps To Determine The Draft Of Design

A determination to make the design in the design process at various objects such as bags, shoes and clothes need to think long. Here are a few considerations before making fashion design for a particular brand.

  1. Make a plan that contains the design of a garment, bag or shoes adapted to the prevailing theme or theme options. All kinds of materials and colors will be adjusted by the designer wishes especially considering the various parties associated with the sale.
  2. The results of the design must be equipped with all the explanations about the characteristics detail design. The detailed characteristics are usually written by hand which can be identified by other parts associated with production.
  3. Making planning to design objects with broad marketing objectives should be done in a way that is thorough and careful. Usually the type of the object will be adjusted to the type and amount of force with specific names, material design an object such as cloth, leather or accessories. In this step also determined the price of production to the sales price will go to the store.

Fashion is Always Synonymous with Women

Fashion is a very big world. In the fashion world always contains the various ways to make appearances became more comfortable and confident. Women have always been the main attraction in a fashion design. It is heavily influenced that women always want to look beautiful. Although there are some circles of men, but they do not have dominance in design.

The phenomenon that we see is a lot of men who worked for the fashion world in full. They make women as fashion objects of fun. Meanwhile woman never objected, because this woman is always synonymous with the world of fashion and men’s fashion has always been a great supporter.

All of this evidence we can see from the leading designers such as Versace or Armani. And you also have to look at designers such as Victoria Beckham.