Month: March 2017


White Dress Shoes For Men

There is a common saying that you understand the worth of a man, by looking at his shoes. This would mean that if you have worn expensive suits but have dirty unpolished shoe; it would indicate that you do not take care of small things. You were a natty dresser and pay attention to your […]

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How To Chooose Mens Dress Shirts

Mens dress shirts form a significant part of their wardrobes. Dress shirts express personal style thus enabling the wearer to feel more confident even under stressful situations. Most importantly, materials, fit, style and color are all blended to come up with a durable and attractive garment which is capable of lasting very many years. Properly […]

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White Dress Shoes for Men are Fashionable

White spells elegance, suaveness and sophistication, it is a colour that goes for almost all occasions, white like colour black can never go wrong. There is so much on offer for women in terms of stylish accessories, clothes and shoes, it’s a fashionable world after all, and people try to express themselves through their sense […]

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