All About Mens Oxford Shoes

Mens Oxford Shoes Background

Mens oxford shoes are a splendid choice to stay abreast with today’s fashion. Not only are such shoes spectacular to look at, but they are very comfortable as well. These shoes elucidate that the wearer has good taste and finesse. Oxford shoes are characterized by shoe lace tabs which are stitched underneath the shoe vamp. These shoes were developed in the early 19th century from a half boot which was then known as the Oxonian. Oxford shoes are conventionally made out of leather and are worn with formal wear. However, today it is not uncommon to find oxford shoes that are crafted with materials like suede and canvas. Thus, modern day oxford shoes are suitable for semi formal and even casual dress codes.

fashion-classical-polished-mens-brown-oxford-broguesMens oxford shoes originated in Ireland and Scotland and due to this they are also known as Balmorals with reference to the Queen’s castle which is located in Balmoral in Scotland. In France, Oxford shoes are called ‘Richelieu’. In the United States, Oxfords are commonly known as the Bal-type shoes as opposed to the Blucher design (derby) shoes. Traditionally, oxford shoes were mostly black or brown in color. However, the ever changing fashion trends have led to the evolution of oxford shoes into more attractive versions of their former self. Today, oxford shoes feature colors including various hues of blue, red, white, orange and beige. Such colors are more suited to suede mens oxford shoes. Such shoes are very much in style and they go very well with casual outfits. These shoes are very popular among youngsters and they are thought to be contemporary and sophisticated.

footwear-conceptWhy You Need Mens Oxford Shoes

Mens oxford shoes which are made from leather have also become much bolder and glamorous. Different shades of leather ranging from black to deep brown to a rich, woody brown and even white are being used to give shoes a more individual look. Often, both leather and suede is used to lend a unique dimension to the design.

men-mens-shoes-street-city-walk-vintageTraditionally, oxford shoes were strictly confined to being worn with formal trousers. However, today it is considered quite trendy to wear mens oxford shoes with jean. Wearing oxford shoes with denim gives the wearer an intense and spirited appearance. It may even seem blasphemous but then isn’t that what fashion is all about? – breaking conventional barriers? Often, mens oxford shoes feature intricate designs which include several layers of leather. Such shoes are known as brogues. Brogues may be classified into several types such as wingtip, semi brogue, quarter brogue etc.

young-business-man-with-a-brown-leather-bagThe classifications are based on the complexity of the design, the color and the area of the shoe which features the perforated patterns. Common designs include miniature holes or perforations which are placed symmetrically to form a certain pattern. More elaborate designs include bold shades and meticulously crafted patterns which almost resemble the filigree work on an ancient Mediterranean monument. Brogues are an almost perfect encapsulation of the royal essence of oxfords and the modern influences on their design.

mens-shoes-tying-shoelacesWatch out for a mens oxford shoes sale as these shoes make a definitive style statement. They assert the wearer’s personality and add depth to the entire look – they hint that the wearer is an organized, confident individual with just the right amount of playfulness and spice. Mens oxford shoes may be a touch on the pricey side but they are surely worth the extra expense.

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