How To Chooose Mens Dress Shirts

Mens dress shirts form a significant part of their wardrobes. Dress shirts express personal style thus enabling the wearer to feel more confident even under stressful situations. Most importantly, materials, fit, style and color are all blended to come up with a durable and attractive garment which is capable of lasting very many years.

Properly fitting dress shirts have a way of complementing the appearance of the gentlemen wearing them without causing any form of discomfort. Collar type, neck size, cuff style and sleeve length all determine whether the shirt is supposed to be for play or for work. Below are certain things you might want to take into consideration when choosing mens dress shirts.

Ensure It Is The Right Fit


Fit of a dress shirt basically refers to the manner in which it contours to the body of the wearer. Slim fit men’s dress shirts tend to taper around the waist thus making a man look athletic. Full fit mens shirts are long and loose and are meant for big and tall men.

Classic fit shirts on the other hand are standard sizes; however the fit tends to vary from one brand to another. Regardless of your body size, you need to ensure that the shirt you select does not gather across your chest. Furthermore, it should not bulge out of your pants because such looks are simply unflattering.

Seams around the shoulder area should ideally run along your shoulders while cuffs should be fitted to the appropriate length. When wearing them as dress clothes, remember to tuck the shirts into your pants unless the shirt was not designed to be worn that way.



When choosing men dress clothes, the collar should be taken into account. The collar is so important because it frames the face of the man wearing the shirt while focusing attention to the tie.

If you have got a round face or a robust physique, you should consider selecting dress shirts with narrow collars considering they make your face appear lengthened. However, if you have a long or thin face, consider settling for a wide collared shirt. While taking your pick, you need to bear in mind that the collar of a shirt denotes whether it is meant for formal or informal purposes.

The Neck Size

The neck sizes of the shirts come in a wide variety of sizes and you are bound to notice they rise in increments of a half-inch. To get a size that suits you perfectly, the right tape measure should be used to take measurements of your neck just slightly lower than your Adam’s apple.

An allowance of a half-inch should ideally be added to final measurements obtained which makes for desirable spacing required. The other method of determining the appropriate size is checking if a finger can comfortably be inserted between the collar and your neck. This gap is necessary as it makes the dress shirt feel comfortable. The wrong size would choke you and cause a lot of discomfort.

Cuff Style

The cuffs fall under two main categories. They could either be French cuffs or the standard cuffs. French cuffs have additional material which can conveniently be folded back then held together using cuff links. The French cuff shirts are ideal for formal meetings and are sometimes referred to as double cuffs.

Standard cuff shirts have one or additional buttons. The single buttoned cuffs are viewed more as casual wear while the cuffs with multiple buttons are considered semi-formal. They are sometimes called button cuffs or barrel cuffs. All cuffs need to fit tightly so as to prevent the wrist from escaping them. Moreover the right type of cuffs should properly cover the wrist and the base of your hand.

The Length Of The Sleeves


The arm length as well as the formality of the men’s shirts greatly determines the sleeve lengths. Long sleeve mens dress shirts are mostly made available in precise sizes. However, if the size is estimated and indicated 32/33 for instance, it simply means the sleeve will accommodate arm lengths of the specified sizes which in this case will be 32 and 33 inches.

However, short sleeved shirts are generally worn during warm weather and are more casual when compared to the long sleeved shirts. To get an idea of the right arm length, it is advisable to get the help of a store assistant. While doing the fitting, you will be required to hold your arm out at an angle of 90-degree. The store assistant will then take the measurements to determine the right fit.


The material the shirt is made of largely affects how comfortable the desirable shirt will be, its durability and how challenging it will be to remove stains from it. The weave must also be considered when selecting the right choice because it determines its feel.



Online retailers, custom tailors including the brick and mortar shopping stores provide a wide variety of shirts in different sizes, types, prices and types. If you carry out a proper search, you can find bargains on the men’s clothing items such as shirts. Despite this, there are also some that are only sold with fixed prices with some labeling attached.

The branded shirts offer value for money considering they are comfortable, fit properly and the sizing is just right. However, If you are searching for quality shirts that will both give you value for money and last a considerable amount of time, it is advisable to get shirts by Brooks Brothers.

By purchasing this brand of shirts, you will undoubtedly enjoy very many years of confidence. The truth is: you will always be happy with the purchase decision you make every time.

Mens dress shirts are professional, formal, casual or even funky. Needless to say, finding and choosing the appropriate shirt is vital for both enjoyment and comfort.

The wrong type of shirt can give you a look that is unappealing. Even if you are just looking for a shirt to wear to an interview or if you are in search of one that is durable and can be worn on a daily basis, you will be glad to learn that there are many types to choose from.

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