White Dress Shoes For Men

There is a common saying that you understand the worth of a man, by looking at his shoes. This would mean that if you have worn expensive suits but have dirty unpolished shoe; it would indicate that you do not take care of small things. You were a natty dresser and pay attention to your simple clothes and liked fitted customized suits.

You had terrible soft corners for shoes and currently you are planning to buy a dress shoe for yourself. What are dress shoes? Dress shoes are comfortable shoes that you wear in summer and for special formal events. They come in colors like black, brown or tan. Now a day there is a trend to wear White Dress Shoes For Men.

Are they any factors to be considered when buying these dress shoes?


You have noticed that men unlike women do not give any thought when it comes to choosing the correct footwear for them. Thus they might have black pairs of shoes in numerous styles and do not like experimenting with colors.

You have a big formal event coming up; therefore you log into your favorite online shoe store and check the various collections of White Dress Shoes For Men.  Before choosing a dress shoe for yourself, you recollect the factors that your father had suggested when you had asked him advice on this. These factors are:

Invested in a dress shoe which has a good insole

Being a very active person, you realize the importance of wearing good padded shoes which have good quality insole. You estimate that you would be taking minimum five thousand steps a day. Thus when you choose a dress shoe, you have to invest in one which offers great comfort and support for your working feet.

Checking the thickness of your dress shoe sole


Dress shoes are very expensive and thus when you invest in one, you would want it to be durable and last you for a few years. Here when choosing your dress shoes from the various collections of white dress shoes for men, you have to check on the thickness of the shoe sole and also if it enjoys strong stitching.

If the quality of stitching in your dress shoe is superior, it would be able to withstand wear and tear. When checking the quality of the stitching, the stitches should be tight and not lose.

What style of dress shoe are you looking for?


Now you have to choose the style that you want for your dress shoes. Here you would find many options to choose from. These are Oxford, Loafers, Monk Strap, Dress Boots and Cap toes.

1.    Oxford Dress Shoe- This is the normal black office shoes with laces.

2.    Loafers-These shoes are slip on shoes and do not have any buckle or laces in them.

3.    Monk Strap Dress Shoe-These shoes look like loafers and have buckle or leather straps situated in the upper portion of the shoe body.

4.    Dress Boots – These are boots of ankle length with a slight heel.

5.    Cap toes- These are like Oxford shoe but have an additional decorative layer on the toe portion of the shoe body.

Depending on your personal requirement, you can choose the style of your dress shoes.

How do you take care of your dress shoes which are white in color?


When you have chosen a dress shoe from white dress shoes for men you have to maintain it well. White as a color is very difficult to maintain, thus you need to do the following things which are:

•    Store your dress shoes in a shoe tree. These shoe trees would help you to preserve the shape of your dress shoe over the year and also help in drying the moisture in these shoes.

•    Invest in a good quality shoe conditioner. This would help to keep your dress shoe soft and prevent it from aging.

•    It is a good habit to shine your own shoes and this would be worth the investment that you have made in them.

•    You would be wearing your shoes for many years. After a few years, it would be a good idea to invest in a new sole for your dress shoe. The new sole would add comfort to your daily wear and also increase the life of your dress shoe.

You spend the next hour on the internet and finally find your dress shoe. You hope that you would be able to create an impression in your office formal event and people would notice your new dress shoe too.

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